Sunday, April 5, 2009

spring makeup tip.

my spring makeup tip list,
for every race of girls: try MAC's stars and rockets.

everywhere I go when i have on this color i get complimented. not sure what it is about the color, but it attracts to every skin tone. im always a firm believer that black girls look good in purples and lowkey pinks its something about the way it attracts to your skin, and im not talking about any pinks/purples, but MAC ones. Not my intent to be a makeup snob, or to be like the fad killers who be like MAC this MAC that, ive been on mac since i was in the 7th grade, when i got my first lipgloss in Canada, (ooh baby) but after graduating from their lipglosses which i lowkey hate, i moved to their eyeshadows which are perfect. searing for the best eyeshadow i found that alot of brands have colors that look ashy on black girls, because they dont have any shimmer or anything to them, but MAC has the glitter on it to make your skin look good. and the good thing about MAC makeup is that it looks good on everyone, black girls, white girls, latino girls, pale girls, or blue girls.

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  1. thanks!
    it looks cute.
    you are so right about how eye shadow looks ashy on us sometimes.