Wednesday, December 31, 2008

todays fashion sets,

look # 1: a casual comfty get together for a rainy day.

(product information here): rain kissed. by classicdaisy
look # 2: bring in your new years with a cute mini-dress and some chique heels.

(product information here):formal butterfly by classicdaisy

michelle obama's wardrobe

America's future first lady, Michelle Obama, has revealed new designs from several fashion designers like Micheal Kors, Betsey Johnson, Monique Lhuillier, Yves Saint Laurent and many more. It looks like her new wardrobe will be something eye cathcing as well as elegant, just the way the first lady should be portrayed.
so, when i was like 14 or something, after Save The Last Dance came out, my dad is Kerry Washington's older cousin, we had thanksgiving dinner with her.

then she wasnt as big of a celebrity as she is now, but she was still pretty massive in my mind. she was extremly humble, she asked me questions about what i wanted to do in the future--at that time i responded "be a actress and a journalist." she told me if i ever needed tips she'd help me.
but no longer do i want to be a writer,
but because she was such a nice person, and a humble person i feel a certain kinship with her, so to see her excel now is almost fascinating.

she has impecable style actually.

happy new years & welcome !

welcome to glamintellect !

so we just began this blog, its definitely going to be cool. its mainly about fashion & some music.
not claiming to be the biggest fashionista in the world, but we know what fashion is. ultimate fashion goal, to be like a carrie, mixed with a gwen stefani, or zoe kravitz with a touch of, anne hatahway or alexis phifer.

we are nothing like your average everyday fashion blog. we will offer a variety of articles, music reviews and amazing photos and fashion tips as well. so sit back and await the magic we will create !