Saturday, January 10, 2009

On June 9th, Swedish indie singer Lykke Li released her debut album Youth Novels, to excellent reviews.

Lykke Li's key goal was to realease an album before her 20th birthday, she missed the mark by a little, and released her album at the age of 22.

The two year delay for the release of her album perhaps helped to make a great album. Singing in a breathy, girlish voice, yet still able to convey emotion, passion and soul.

The twelve track album has alot of songs that will help to make Lykke Li have great longetivty within the music spectrum and with fans. The songs explore different topics ranging from love, and attraction.

On a "Little Bit," where Lykke Li explores a emotional conflict over a catchy instrumental.
Lykke Li sings,
I think i'm a little bit
little bit
a little bit in love with you
but only if your a little bit
little bit
little bit
in lalala love with me

"Time Flies," a song thats pretty self explanatory, but delicately beautiful. THe lyrics and the instrumental are beautiful, as well as her breathy, girlish voice. Lykke Li sings,
fingers crossed
my time is coming now
dont you go
my baby begs me so
time will fly
upon my baby's back

Last highlight, a personal favorite on the album, "Melodies and Desires," a song where Lykke Li basically tells someone how to love her, or how to make love to her rather.
Follow these instructions
do exactly as i do
lean your shoulders foward
let your hands slide over to my side
move your body closer
let your heart meet mine.

Overrall, Lykke Li has a very great album. Everyone should get it, i give it 5 stars because it orignal, has beautiful lyrics accompanied by beautfiul music. An excellent instrumental.

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