Saturday, January 3, 2009

i read in instyle magazine, the tools they said to help you get more out of 2009 fashion wise,

a pretty good list,

1. blur your seasons
integrate the seasons, this means if its cold outside; you could wear your summer clothes (something i do by far too much), pair a short dress with tights and boots and a jacket.

2. belt it
the spring 09' runways are about creating shapes with the clothes and your body. mix flirty jackets and stuff with a cute belt.

3. play it up with one signature accessory
a goregous cuff, pretty broach, or something of that sort.

4. go for classics in fancy fabrics
timeless cuts, belted trench, simple sheath.

5. flaunt your jewels anytime you want to.

6. mix formal with casual.

7. get crafty.

8. cuff em.
your sleves.

1 comment:

  1. i agree, blurring seasons is a really good way of staying creative and not getting bogged down in one season or trend.

    thanks for your comment on my frassy btw!